Common Problems With Commercial Flat Roofs

Posted on: 14 January 2022


Like many other business owner-managers that wear multiple hats in business, you have a critical role to play in driving organizational success. As one of your key duties is to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for everyone, you should never ignore problems arising in any part of your commercial property.

Your commercial flat roof is one of those building components that you can easily forget about because it may be out of sight all year long. Yet, it is what protects the entire premises from daily weather inclemencies.

Scheduling regular roof maintenance can help you keep track of roofing problems. This allows you to undertake prompt repairs, which are essential to maximizing the performance and lifespan of your commercial roof. 

Here are some common problems that may be found during routine flat roof maintenance checks.

Ponding Water

As they're not designed to drain water quickly, standing water on flat roofs is not uncommon. This phenomenon arises when water takes too long to disappear from the surface of your roof after the rain has stopped, increasing the chance of leaks.

Ponding water on flat roofs can arise due to various adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain and heavy snow. 

To prevent the problem from wreaking havoc on your roof and home, you should regularly remove the snow from your commercial roof during the winter season. As for ponding water that occurs due to heavy rain, it's recommended you keep your gutters clean and free of debris that might otherwise hinder proper drainage.

Dirt And Debris Accumulation

Rainwater and snow are not the only things that can damage your commercial flat roof and building.

If left unaddressed for a long time, the dust, dirt, and debris that collects on your roof over time can lead to structural integrity vulnerabilities, in addition to ruining the exterior appearance and beauty of your commercial property.

As part of routine commercial flat roof maintenance, you should get your roof cleaned periodically to maintain its shine and remove the built-up dirt that encourages microbial growth, resulting in a shorter roof lifespan.

Including commercial roof maintenance in your annual budget is a surefire way to stop minor problems from turning into bigger problems that lead to high repair bills. If you discover any issues with your commercial roof during or in between regular roof maintenance visits, you can always rely on your local commercial roofing contractor to correct the issues. Contact a local commercial roofing service to learn more.