How Your Roofing Contractor Can Use Technology to Better Assess Your Repair

Posted on: 17 January 2022


When you call a roofing contractor, you may be used to them showing up and using traditional tools. These tools can range depending on the roofing issue and if a repair is in order. What you may notice on the next visit from your roofing contractor you may notice the use of more technology. Here is some of the technology the roofer may use and what you should know about the benefits of each option. 

Drone Imagery

A technological advancement in roofing that may surprise you is drone imagery. Roofing contractors are moving towards the idea of using drones to help them assess the damage. The drones are safer for the contractor and can offer up-close images of the roof. Keep in mind that roofers put themselves in danger when they arrive to assess roofing damage. They are unaware of where weakness in the roof is. They are unaware of where the damage may be. This puts them in danger of falling from or through a roof. The drone helps to reduce those chances greatly and can show the damage, record that damage, and save images of the damage. 

Technological Advanced Materials

There are several companies that create roofing to work with the changing environmental issues. Other companies work to create roofing that does not need replacement as often or is more durable to avoid the need for repairs after heavy winds or hail. These advanced materials are generally created with the use of modern technology. Your roofing contractor may decide to use these materials, or mention them. There are several reasons for this. For example, mentioning a recycled roofing material may offer you more durability. It may also be easier for the contractor to obtain or install. It's a winning situation for both parties. 

Estimation Apps or Software

Apps and software are part of daily life. There are apps for everything from GPS mapping to planning a dinner menu for the month. Roofing contractors are moving towards the use of estimation apps and software at an increasing rate. This is because the apps can show you what repairs will be made, the cost of the items, the cost of the labor, and detailed changes you can make that would lower or possibly raise your roofing bill. It offers transparency between your roofing contractor and yourself while also allowing you to make changes as needed.  

If you aren't sure what types of tools your contractor may be using during the visit, consider asking. Some roofing contractors will inform you about the types of technology they use. They will also detail why they use it. This can help you better understand the process of finding your roofing issue and repairing it. It can also help you understand the costs that go into your initial visit and assessment.

Speak with a roofing contractor to learn more about these technologies.