Ideas For Shingle Roofing Installation On Your Restaurant With The Least Disruption

Posted on: 18 January 2022


If you operate a restaurant 24-hours a day, it can be problematic putting on a new roof since your customers are bound to be disturbed by the activity. However, here are some things you can try that might minimize the noise when you're getting a new asphalt shingle roof on your building.

Avoid Tearing Off The Old Roofing, If Possible

If your roofer can put the new shingles on top of the old ones, the job will go faster and you can eliminate the noise associated with tearing off the old roofing. However, you'll only be able to do this if the building only has one layer of roofing now, since two layers are the maximum number allowed by most local building codes.

Also, the old roof has to be in pretty good shape. If it has a lot of water damage, then the old roof will probably need to come off before the roofer can proceed with your roofing installation.

Roof One Side Of Your Restaurant At A Time

Your roofer will probably schedule the work for a slow time as much as possible. However, the roofer can't work in the dark. If there aren't enough slow-time hours during the day to do a complete roofing installation, the roofer might do one side of the roof one day and the other side the next day so they can avoid working when you're busy and your customers might be disturbed.

Choose A Slow Day For Business

If there's a weekday when you're usually slower than the rest of the week, set up the roofing installation for that day. You probably won't avoid disturbing your customers, so aim for a time when the fewest customers are expected.

Close Your Restaurant For The Day

You might want to close your restaurant when you have your roofing installation. You might use this time to do other chores around the restaurant that are better done when the place is empty. Putting a new asphalt roof on is a noisy job. All the hammering and noise on the roof may be too unpleasant for your customers. Even though you'll lose out on revenue when you're closed, it could be worth it to prevent unhappy diners if your roofer thinks the work will be too loud and bothersome.

Let Your Customers Decide

You could put a sign on your restaurant that you're open but you're getting a new roof put on. That way you can continue with carry-out and delivery orders and let people dine in who are willing to put up with the noise. 

For more information about roofing installations, contact a local service, such as iHome designs.