Tips For Getting A Shingle Roof Installed

Posted on: 19 January 2022


Asphalt shingle roofs are common, so it's easy to find a contractor who does shingle roof installation. However, it's best to schedule the work early before your roof starts leaking or before storm season arrives. Roofers have busy seasons, and in addition, they can get swamped when a bad storm rolls through and does a lot of damage. Scheduling your roof installation ahead of time lets you get your new roof at your convenience. Here are some tips for having a new shingle roof installed.

Prepare The Inside Of Your House

Roofers will be using nail guns on your house, walking on the roof, and hammering. In other words, they'll be making a lot of vibrations and noise. Check each room for fragile items you have on shelves. Make sure they are away from the edge or place them on the sofa until the work is finished. Otherwise, some of your belongings and pictures on the wall might crash to the floor.

Prepare The Outside Of Your House

You may want to clear the yard near your home so the crew can work without having things in the way. You might want to cover foundation plants if your roofer thinks it's a good idea. Also, the roofer needs to park a dumpster by the house, so make room for it in the driveway near your home if possible.

Let The Roofers Do Their Work

You don't have to be home when the roofing crew puts on the new roof. While you might want to greet the roofers, it's best to stay out of their way since they may be throwing old shingles in the dumpster, and they don't want to be worried about hurting anyone. You might want to leave for the day so the noise doesn't bother you, but you can stay home if you want.

Inspect The Finished Work

You may not know much about roofing, but the roofer should still walk you around your home and point out things you should know about your new roof. This is your chance to ask about things like maintenance and what to do about repairs when they're needed.

Keep Up With Roof Care

Once the shingle roof installation is complete, you can enjoy your new roof for many years. However, your roof performs its best when you take good care of it. This includes keeping tree branches away and keeping animals off the roof as much as possible. If problems develop with your new roof, be sure to call your roofer since they might be covered under your warranty.