How A Commercial Roofer Can Help With Older Industrial Roofing

Posted on: 20 January 2022


Many industrial buildings have had the same roofing for at least one decade if not more. Your business may be one of them. The older the roof becomes, the more issues you may start to notice. You may be considering repairing the roof using your own staff. You may also be considering using a general roofing contractor. Here are some of the ways a commercial roofer can help with your older industrial roof and how you can benefit from their roofing specialization.

Vent and Skylight Leaks

Most industrial and manufacturing buildings have some sort of vent system, skylight system, or combination of both. You may notice leaks around these areas. The first thought is likely that your roof is leaking. It may not be the roof itself. One of the contributing factors to leaks around these systems is old or poorly installed flashing. Flashing seals the area around the vents, skylights, and other roof accessories. This type of seal can break apart along the seams. It can also have issues of being poorly installed to the point the flashing does not lay flat. This means it will break away from the roof and cause gaps that allow leaks. 

Shrinking Membrane

A roof membrane is a layer placed underneath the shingles. This is to give an extra barrier to help prevent leaks and roofing damage. Over time, the membrane will begin to shrink. This is due to several factors including exposure to certain weather conditions. When the membrane shrinks it will pull away from the roof and the shingles. This causes the shingles to become loose and exposed to heavy winds and rain. If you have noticed cracking, multiple leaks in specific areas, or the loss of shingles after storms, you may need to have the membrane replaced. 

Pooling Rainwater

You may notice you have pooling and standing rainwater on areas of the roof. This pooling is directly related to how the water is being shed from the roof and to the guttering system. You may have issues of sagging along the roof. The sagging can cause the water to pool and stand. You may also have other issues causing the pooling. Your commercial roofing contractor can assess the situation and determine what changes should be made in order to have proper water flow and shedding to avoid standing and pooling. 

If you are experiencing issues with your industrial roof and you need assistance, contact your area commercial roofing contractor. They can schedule an appointment to assess the situation. They will then discuss the options with you and move forward with the repair and replacement options you choose.

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