Which Replacement Windows Application Should You Settle For? Insert Vs. Full Frame

Posted on: 21 January 2022


When did you last inspect the condition of your windows? Are they still as efficient as they were several years ago? As your home gets old, so does everything inside and outside it, including your windows. Home improvement projects like window replacements can be time-consuming and easy to put off.

However, keeping your windows in their best condition is important to the safety and quality of your home. When considering replacement windows, you have two main installation options. You can choose either the insert or full-frame method. So, how do the two differ?


This is a popular installation method among homeowners when looking for window replacement services. Insert is a simple method where the new window is replaced in the exact spot as the previous window using the same frame. During the process, the trim will remain untampered with as the new window is installed. 

This method is more like a swap, where the old window trades places with the new one. The process is simple since there is no removal or inspection of the interior or window frame. Besides, since you won't need new flashing tape, insulation, or framing, it is cheaper than a full-frame replacement.

It is mainly preferred due to the ease of installation. Additionally, it provides a quick solution with minimal changes done on the trim. Also, you will need fewer maintenance practices to keep your new windows in their best shape after the replacement.


Under this replacement window installation method, the expert completely removes the trim and reworks it. Full-frame is preferred by homeowners looking to make the most of glass space or increase energy efficiency around their home. 

The professional will remove the existing window unit to appear blank during the replacement, like in a recently constructed home. Next, they redo all the trim work and insulation. The full-frame method is ideal if the wood around your windows has severely rotted or deteriorated. It is also advantageous since there is no glass loss during installation, unlike insert replacement windows.

Which Application Method Should You Choose?

There is no right or wrong application method to choose for your replacement windows. The best application is relative and depends on your reason for replacement and the construction structure of your home. 

If you would like your replacement windows to change the aesthetics of your home, a full-frame window replacement could be better for you. On the other hand, when considering a replacement to restore the functionality of your windows, you should consider the insert method.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a residential window replacement service near you.