4 Signs That It Is Time For Roof Repairs

Posted on: 26 January 2022


When you postpone roof repairs, you create additional problems that may end up being too expensive to handle. And no homeowner wants to hear that their roof has damages that are beyond repairs. Therefore, watching the signs of trouble and taking immediate steps to repair it will save you time and money in the long run. Here are four common indicators that it is time to repair your roof. 

Wet Spots and Algae

The test to determine whether or not your roof has algae growth is quite simple. First, stand outside and have a look at the top of the house. If it has dark streaks on the surface, there is a chance that algae have started growing on it. You can also use a ladder to climb up and assess moisture levels. If your roof has wet spots in addition to the dark streaks and stains, it is time to call the roofing contractor to make a few repairs. 

Damaged Roof Material

Sometimes the damage will be overt, like missing shingles, cracked tiles, damaged flashing, and rusted vent boots. You can pick up on these signs of roof damage by visually inspecting the roof. If you notice these clear signs of issues, it is time to consider roof repair. The extent of the restoration depends on the percentage of the roof material that is damaged. For example, if only a few shingles are curled or missing, the roofing contractor will replace them. More extensive damage will need a well-coordinated repair process. 

Sagging Parts

The roof sags when the system supporting it weakens and becomes incompetent. Your roof might have different pitch degrees, but the roofline should always be straight. If some parts have buckled, it typically indicates that the pillars and other parts of the roof frame are rotting. You should treat a sagging roof as an emergency because it means the roof can collapse at any minute. 

Clogged Gutters

Gutter trouble could also be an indicator that the roof is damaged. The content of your gutters is what determines whether or not you have to worry about roof damage. For instance, the presence of shingle granules, sludge, and pieces of the shingles indicates that it is time to repair the roof. As the asphalt shingle roof ages, it deteriorates, and chunks start becoming eroded by the rain.

Speak to a roof repair contractor about the state of your roof or ask for an inspection. They will help you gauge the extent of the damage and determine how much repair it needs. Reach out to a local roofing repair service, such as Volpe Roofing, to learn more.