5 Signs You Need Rain Gutters Upgrade

Posted on: 27 January 2022


Many homeowners look at rain gutters as install-and-forget structures, but this shouldn't be the case. Rain gutters need maintenance and also have a lifespan. If your gutters are too old, you need to assess their performance. Deteriorating gutters don't direct water away from the building. The water will damage the paint on the exterior walls, disarrange the landscaping, and spoil the driveway. Water saturation on the ground can also lead to foundation damage. What tells you it is time to upgrade your rain gutters?

1. Cracks and Gaps 

Cracks and gaps in the gutters are common signs of damage. The seals on the joints have disintegrated, leaving spaces for water to get into the gutter. Rainwater seeps through these cracks and gaps to the fascia and flows down the wall. 

Wooden and vinyl gutters are especially prone to cracking due to weather exposure. The best remedy for extensive cracking is replacing the cracked sections. Rain gutter specialists can recommend an upgrade or replacement. 

2. Mold and Mildew on the Walls   

If you spot mold and mildew on the walls of your home, you may have a water-holding problem. When ‌rain gutters are cracked or gapped, elevated water moisture on the walls promotes mold and mildew growth. 

This infestation can make your walls stained and cause health problems when mold spores enter the house. People may start suffering aggravated sneezing attacks. You can solve this problem by replacing the old gutters. 

3. Stressed and Sagging Seams   

When rain gutters are too old, the support base will gradually weaken. The rivets on the seams and those holding to the roof could become rotten. As a result, you will see gutters sagging in some sections. 

Sagging gutters are problematic because water stops flowing efficiently. There will be pools of standing water in these sagged spots. The weight of the dammed water could make the gutter collapse entirely. You should replace and reinforce the sagged sections right away. 

4. Rotted Fascia   

The fascia is usually made from wood or vinyl. If you notice cracks rotting in the fascia, your gutter system may be the culprit. Upgrade the rain gutters if they can't do their job as expected. 

5. Rust, Corrosion, and Holes   

Rust, corrosion, and holes in your gutters are signs of excessive wear and tear. There is little to do when there is extensive damage and the gutters are torn and holed. You need to get rid of your damaged gutters and install new ones right away.  

Are your underperforming gutters allowing water damage to your walls and landscaping? Talk to rain gutter professionals to inspect and recommend suitable upgrades.