3 Reasons Why Autumn Is A Good Time For Residential Roof Installation

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Are you planning to install a new roof on your home? Then you might be unsure of when the best time of year is for residential roof installation. While summer is a very busy time of year for roofers, many people actually prefer to have their new roofs installed in autumn. Installing a new roof on your home in autumn offers several good benefits.

1. The mild weather gives roofers more time to work

The problem with roof installation in summer and winter is the extreme weather conditions. Summer weather can get too hot for roofers, and winter weather can get too cold. Both extremes prevent roofers from spending time on your roof. This will slow your roof installation down considerably in seasons where the weather is more extreme than usual.

However, conditions in autumn are usually quite mild, as well as consistent. This means that your roofing crew will be able to spend more time up on your roof to continue the roof installation. If you'd like to get your roof installation completed as quickly as possible, then autumn is a good time to start.

2. Roof shingles will have more time to seal

Early autumn is one of the best times for roof installation since the weather is still warm and bright, and the worst of the autumn rain has yet to fall. This is important if your roof is a shingle roof, which is the most common roof type in the United States. Shingles need warm, dry weather in order to seal effectively, which is the typical weather of early autumn.

If you wait too long to install your roof, however, the freezing weather may interfere with your shingles. Freezing weather can prevent shingles from sealing. So, if you do plan to wait until autumn for roof installation, book your roofer well in advance so that you can get that early slot in early autumn.

3. Your roof will be ready for the winter weather

An old roof that is beginning to fail and has had many repair jobs will not fare well in harsh winter weather. This is why autumn is a good time to hire roofers to replace your roof. Your new roof will then be ready to deal with the harsh weather and winter storms.

Are you considering replacing your roof soon? Then consider the benefits of replacing your roof in autumn. And remember to book your roofer well in advance if you do choose autumn for roof replacement.