How to Protect Your Home During a Roof Replacement

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Roof replacement is a majorly disruptive event. There are things that need to be prepared and protected while the roof is being replaced. There are a lot of unique tell-tale signs that you're getting this done, like having an entire team in your house, saws being used, and tarps all over your lawn. Roof replacement is serious business, so you can't mess around with it. Here is what you need to do to prepare your home for a roof replacement:

Protect Anything That Can Be Damaged

When you're preparing to have new roofing installed, you need to protect anything that can get damaged by water or debris. This includes items like furniture, rugs, electronics, picture frames, and light fixtures. You can cover plants and shrubs to protect them from excess debris from above.

How long should you leave everything covered? That depends on how big your roof is and how extensive the project is. In general, plan on covering things for at least a couple of days while the old roofing is removed and new shingles are installed. However, if there's a lot of work involved in removing the old roofing, it might take longer for things to dry out once the job is done.

Find a Safe Place for Pets During the Replacement

When you are finding a safe place for your pet, you should look for a place that is away from everything. You will want to find a completely enclosed area that is free of any dangers. You will want an area that has plenty of food, water, and fresh air.

You should call also around and see if there are any boarding facilities in the area that will watch over your pet while you are getting your roof replaced. If there are not any suitable places in the area, then you might want to consider contacting family or friends who live close by. They might be able to watch over your pet during this time.

Prepare Your Yard for a Roof Replacement Project

When you are getting ready for a roof replacement, you will want to protect your landscaping and yard. This is something that most homeowners overlook. 

To protect your yard, cover things like shrubs and other plants with a plastic tarp. You can prop the tarps up with garden stakes to keep them off the plants and prevent damage. You can also remove things like decorations and garden furniture that can be vulnerable to damage. 

If you want your roof replacement to be a headache-free project, preparing for it will help. Contact a roofing contractor to get the help you need with your roof replacement project.