Ask A Foam Roofing System Installation Service About The Benefits Of A Foam Roof For Your Home

Posted on: 28 February 2022


A foam roof is a good choice for your home whether you have a sloped or flat roof. You can have the foam added as the only layer of roofing or you can have a foam roof put over an existing roof. Here are a few other reasons to talk to a foam roofing system installation service about putting a foam roof on your home.

1. Foam Roofing Corrects Drainage Problems

If you have a flat roof that holds water after it rains, you may need to have the slope of your roof adjusted so water flows to your gutters rather than puddle on the roof. Improving drainage is one of the foam roofing system installation services included in getting a new roof.

The process is easy to do since the roofer controls how thick the foam is as it's applied. The roofer can make the foam roof thicker in some areas to fill in depressions or make a slope for better drainage.

2. Foam Roofing Helps With Cooling Bills

Foam roofing is the same spray foam that's used for insulation. By putting the foam on your roof, your home will have improved insulation, and this might help with your energy costs. Plus, when spray foam roofing is installed, the final step in the installation process is to apply a coating to the foam. The coating reflects UV rays, and that could help with lowering your cooling bills in the summer.

3. Foam Roofing Has No Seams

Most types of roofing have seams where sections of roofing are joined together. Seams are vulnerable parts of a roof since leaking can occur around seams if the bond gets weak and the seams open up. An advantage of foam roofing is that it has no seams. The foam is even used for flashing, so there are no seams where pipes protrude through the roof either. This means the risk of a roof leak is lower.

4. Spray Foam Is A Durable Material

Since there are no seams or individual shingles involved with spray foam, the roofing resists wind lifting and other types of roof damage. Even if the foam is hit by hail, your roof may not start leaking since the hail may not penetrate the foam completely. In order for your roof to leak, an impact has to pierce the entire layer of foam.

Even if the puncture doesn't go all the way through the roofing, holes need to be repaired so water doesn't seep down into the foam. Spray foam roofing repairs are usually easy to do by drying out the area, filling the hole, and then topping it with a coating.