3 Commercial Roofing Leak Issues That A Roofer Can Help You Prevent

Posted on: 2 May 2022


Running a successful company isn't easy. You have to invest a lot of time, energy, and money to always be on top of your industry and reap the rewards. Unfortunately, a leak can be a source of trouble for your premises and may even affect your company's bottom line. Not many things can destroy your furniture and other devices and make customers and clients uncomfortable, like water. To make matters worse, finding out a leak's source can be quite challenging if you're not a professional. Fortunately, a roofer can help you find out these issues and fix them to enable you to continue your activities. In this article, you'll learn three leak issues they'll help you avoid.

Drainage Problems

Most establishments prefer flat roofs because they are easy to install and offer a base for outdoor equipment. But if these coverings have poor drainage, water may collect on them and corrode the trims, nails, and other materials. Improper drainage can result from an accumulation of debris that blocks the drains, eventually leading to leakages. 

Roofers can clean all the foreign materials on your roof and improve drainage. They'll also replace all the corroded trims and ensure your roof's slope is adequate to promote water flow. This will prevent water from pooling at one point and causing havoc.

Open Spaces

Your roof likely has some open spaces to allow plumbing, heating, or electrical wires and pipes into the building. These areas are usually sealed to keep water from flowing into the offices and causing mayhem. However, if the seals become loose or wear off, they may be active sources of leaks for your building. Roofers can inspect the seals on the penetrations and replace the damaged ones, enabling you to continue enjoying your heating or electrical services and keep your office spaces dry. 

Damaged Membranes

This is an important component of any roofing system, thanks to its waterproof capabilities that prevent snow and rainwater from pooling on top of your roof. If it's destroyed by debris, foot traffic, or strong winds, it can let water into your premises. Roofing contractors can replace your membrane with a new one to enable your covering to continue serving its purpose. Depending on the material you've used, they'll recommend a membrane that will bond with your roof and improve water flow for a longer period. 

If you want your roof to protect your building's occupants and equipment from the elements, it's vital to ensure all the leaking issues are addressed. Thankfully, commercial roofing professionals are trained to identify these problems and offer quick solutions. A company like Columbia Roofing Inc has more information.