Ways That Storms Can Cause Roofing Damage

Posted on: 2 May 2022


Strong storms can be among some of the more damaging events that your home might experience. When these storms move through the area, the roof of your house can be particularly susceptible to being damaged by this weather.

Strong Winds Can Loosen Or Remove Important Components Of The Roof's Exterior

Strong winds can be one of the most damaging elements of a storm. When these winds strike your home's roof, they can put a lot of pressure on the tiles and shingles that are covering it. Due to these damages, it is possible for the tiles or shingles to actually loosen or to be ripped from the structure. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent this damage from occurring to the home when it is subjected to intense winds. Due to this, a homeowner should conduct a thorough assessment of the roof after it has suffered this type of damage so that the necessary repairs can be completed.

Driving Rain Can Force Its Way Into Small Cracks And Other Openings

Over the years, there may be small gaps and cracks in the surface of your roof. During periods of heavy or driving rain, it will be much easier for moisture to seep into these openings. Once this occurs, it will be able to cause extensive damage to the roof in a number of ways. For example, the moisture could contribute to large amounts of rot forming or even the establishment of a mold colony that could then spread through the house. One option for mitigating this risk is through the application of a sealcoat to the roof. This coating will be able to close these openings so rain will be unable to get into them. While this is not a replacement for repairing major gaps and cracks in the surface of the roof, it can be an effective way of addressing the smaller gaps that may be prone to forming as a roof ages and its materials warp or shrink.

New Cracks Can Form As A Result Of Storm-Related Impacts

In addition to causing further damage to a roof by forcing water into the cracks and openings of the roof, a strong storm can also cause new cracks and gaps to form. More specifically, this can occur as a result of impacts from storm debris. When these materials strike the roof, they can have enough force to crack tiles, shingles, and even the base support of the roof. In addition to wind-blown debris being capable of causing these damages, it can also occur as a result of impacts from large hail and even just the force of the winds blowing against the roof.

If you've noticed or suspect any of these damages have occurred to your home during a storm, contact a residential roofing service today.