3 Things That Will Be On A Roofing Estimate

Posted on: 6 May 2022


Before you get any work done on your roof, there is something that you need to do. That is to get an estimate on how much the work is going to cost. You should never just let someone start working without an estimate and an agreed upon budget. That's because you don't want to be surprised by how much something is at the end of the job. Ideally, you should get estimates from two or three roofers so that you can compare them and decide which one works best for you. What should you look for in an estimate?

Labor Costs

You should look for how much the labor for the job is going to cost. The labor hours should be broken down by how many hours the roofer thinks that the job is going to take and how many people the roofer thinks that it is going to take to do the job. Check the estimate to see if there is a section about what would happen if the job goes longer than it was expected to. There is always the chance that something will happen to slow the job down, like rain or injury. That may also mean that more employees might be needed to do the work. 

Material Costs

The estimate should also carry information about the material costs. You and the roofer should've talked about what kind of material you want your roof made out of, including the sheathing and other under roof decking. If you are interested in two different things, like asphalt shingles or architectural shingles, the roofer should have sections that will cover both of those, with a total roofing cost for both kinds of shingles. 

Total Costs

The break down of each thing on the estimate will let you know what the separate parts are going to cost, but the roofer should also make sure that there is a section showing what the entire costs are going to be. Once you have that information, you can talk to the roofer to see which options work best for you so that they can get started working on your new roof. 

Most roofers will be more than happy to give you a free estimate on your roof so that you know how much it is going to cost. Coming up with an estimate isn't overly hard, but it will definitely help you and the roofer to agree on a price on the job. Get a free roofing repair estimate near you.