Why Regular Roof Inspections Are A Good Idea

Posted on: 12 May 2022


Homeowners often don't think about their roofs until they develop problems, such as leaks. However, it often pays to be proactive. When it comes to your roof, being proactive means having your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis. But why are professional roof inspections so important? Here are a few key reasons.

Problems will be detected before they cause major damage

By the time you, as a homeowner, notice that your roof is having problems, the problems have probably existed for a while. For example, it's easy to overlook a pinhole leak, but that leak may take a year or two to develop into a bigger leak that you notice when you go into the attic. A roof inspector, on the other hand, will notice problems early on. This will make it easier for them to make repairs, and those repairs will often be less expensive. Catching problems early also prevents additional damage to other materials, such as ceiling materials and walls. 

Weak areas can be addressed before a big storm

As they age, roofs often develop certain weaknesses. The shingles in a certain area might lose granules, or the flashing along one chimney may lose some rivets. These weaknesses may not cause any trouble on a daily basis, but they could put your home at risk if a big storm rolls in. A roof inspector will keep an eye out for this sort of weakness. If they do notice any such weaknesses, they can work with you to get them addressed before storm season. This is easier than having to call an emergency roof repair company post-storm when the rest of the town is also trying to schedule with them.

You'll have reports to show potential buyers

If you ever decide to sell your home, the future buyers will want to know about the condition of the roof. It's hard for them to really see the roof themselves to determine whether it's showing any signs of wear. However, you can provide your most recent inspection reports as some reassurance that the roof is in good shape and is being cared for on a regular basis. This may help you get more offers on the home.

Most roofing companies offer roof inspections as one of their services. Contact a company in your area, such as JC Contracting LLC, and schedule an inspection soon. Doing so will often save you money on roof repairs in the long run.