Has Your Roof Sprung A Leak? Some Key Dos And Don'ts

Posted on: 17 May 2022


Has your roof sprung a leak? No homeowner wants to find water dripping into their home, but quick action is key to preventing what may be a minor issue turning into a serious and expensive problem. To help you manage a roof leak, here are a few valuable dos and don'ts.

1. Do Minimize the Damage

No matter what else you do, start by safely minimizing ongoing damage. Bring in buckets or sturdy containers to contain the leak. Use towels, rags, and cleaning products to curtail moisture. Move your belongings far out of the way. 

2. Don't Wait to Call Help  

If your roof is damaged during a rain or snow storm, don't wait until things calm down before calling for professional roofing help. Remember that you won't be the only home or business owner to suffer a roof leak during the same incident. So get your service call in as early as possible. 

3. Do Relieve Pressure

Does your roof leak have a dangerous bulge? Water buildup on the roof can quickly turn a simple leak into a full-fledged flood. So you may need to take steps to relieve this pressure. Most homeowners should avoid climbing onto the roof on their own, but you may be able to enlarge the leak forming the bulge to encourage drainage. Some homeowners can use a simple screwdriver or other household tool to do so. 

4. Don't Act Unsafely

Even if you do have water dripping or spreading into your home, don't panic and make unsafe moves. Don't climb on the roof during the storm or rain event. If you aren't comfortable working on ladders, don't feel obligated to do so. And if you don't have training and safety equipment, do not get on the roof itself. It's better to deal with some additional water damage than to risk life and limb to prevent it. 

5. Do Cover the Leak

If you can do so safely, cover the affected area once the weather is stable. You may be able to get help setting up this temporary protection, particularly if you must wait for your roofing contractor to fit you in. Not every leak is easily located, though, so don't be discouraged if you can't pinpoint the right spot. Continue to protect the home from the inside as much as you can. 

Where to Start

Whether you're still experiencing the damaging weather or you need help patching up afterward, the best place to begin is by calling a professional roofing repair service in your area such as Rhema Roofing Service. With their help and guidance, you can minimize damage safely and effectively.