5 Ways Working With Roofing Contractors Saves You Money

Posted on: 6 June 2022


Are you worried about the affordability of an upcoming roofing job? These projects can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs and get what you want. Don't get yourself into financial trouble by overspending on your roofing project, though! These tips on cutting costs when working with roofing contractors will help you keep your budget in check while getting the job done right.

1. Consider Getting Multiple Quotes

Many roofing contractors offer free, no-obligation quotes and advice on what type of roof might be best for your house. Take advantage of that opportunity and get at least three quotes before hiring anyone. The more quotes you have, the better idea you'll have of what your budget should be. But don't skimp on quality - ask around, and you can find good quality materials at affordable prices.

2. Insist on Being Quoted a Fixed Price 

You must hire contractors who will quote you prices based on accurate estimates. Not only can they then be held accountable for any additional costs over that fixed price, but they can also give you an honest assessment of what your project will cost and how long it will take.

3. Tone Down on Vanity Extras

A roofing contractor will charge you premium rates for vanity fixtures like decorative copper gutters or exotic wood shakes. Relook at your roofing estimate. What can you substitute with a cheaper option? There are various ways you can do it while not veering far from the initial look you desired. 

4. Take Advantage of the Warranty

If you are working on an existing roof, check if it is still under warranty. Many roofing companies offer warranties that can last several decades. These warranties cover different aspects depending on the age of your roof. 

Often, the first few years cover parts and labor, and then parts only after a decade or so. In other words, you don't have to pay for any repairs until after your warranty expires! It can be a huge budget saver when you have a high-cost job. 

5. Ask if They Offer Discounts

While many contractors say they have discounted prices, you can get further discounts if you ask and negotiate hard. Chances are that since they already have all their supplies and equipment there, it wouldn't even cost them anything extra to do so. 

Roofing projects are typically expensive, but there are workable ways to cut costs while getting quality. Contact roofing contractors today to discuss ways to make your roofing project affordable.