Roofing: What Causes Shingles To Pull Off The Roof?

Posted on: 9 June 2022


If you have noticed a few shingles coming off your roof, call a professional roofer to address the situation. While at it, your roofer will take their time to inspect your roof before starting repairs to get to the bottom of the matter. Below are a few reasons your shingles keep coming off.

The Shingles Installed Are Low Quality

The first reason you keep dealing with shingle problems is poor shingles. Low-quality shingles are at a higher risk of being blown off, especially if your area experiences frequent strong winds. It is usually best to replace your current shingles with a high-quality product instead of repairing them. The repairs might seem like a cheaper solution, but as you will later discover, the cumulative costs are enough to cover a replacement.

The Shingles Are Old

Your roof becomes less effective with each passing year, but some wear down faster depending on the climate and the material used. Either way, an old roof is not strong enough to stand against strong winds because the shingles are dry, cracked, and without the protective granules, causing them to curl up. In that case, you could do temporary repairs as you prepare for a full replacement.

Improper DIY Nailing

This often happens when you decide to do the installations yourself instead of hiring a qualified roofing company. You risk making mistakes like over or under-driving the nails, which puts the shingles at risk of being blown off. Only a qualified roofer knows how to correctly drive the nails down to keep the shingles from coming off.

Foot Traffic

If you have a habit of walking on your roof, you put the shingles at risk of getting blown off. While you may not be aware of this, you need proper footwear, and you should be extremely cautious so as not to pull the shingles off your roof or crack your clay tiles in the process. Usually, it is best if an expert assists you with whatever you want to do on your roof, which also prevents the risk of sliding and falling off your roof.

When the shingles come off your roof, you will notice some loose parts or exposed nails. Your roof will also turn dark, start to leak, and shoot up the energy bills. So, limit walking on your roof, use quality shingles, and replace your roof if it is nearing its end. Lastly, let a qualified roofer handle all your roofing issues.

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