Why Is Asphalt Roofing So Popular In The US?

Posted on: 15 June 2022


Depending on where you live, you probably see more asphalt roofs than any other type of roofing system. While relatively ubiquitous, homeowners don't choose asphalt roofing simply because their neighbors happen to be using it. This roofing style offers numerous advantages that make it well-suited for most homes and budgets. 

Whether you're building a new home or replacing the roof on your existing one, you'll need to decide on the style that works for your needs. While metal, slate, and clay roofs all offer unique advantages, asphalt continues to be a popular choice for good reason. Before making a final choice for your new roof, consider these three reasons why asphalt can be an excellent option.

1. Fits Many Budgets

You've probably read that asphalt is a relatively inexpensive option for roofing, but this statement is an oversimplification. Asphalt roofing comes in numerous styles and forms, ranging from relatively inexpensive budget choices to high-end luxury shingles. This versatility makes asphalt suitable for everything from starter homes to multi-million dollar estates.

The wide range of options available for asphalt shingles also means that you can likely find an option that fits your budget. If you're looking to save money and install a basic roofing system, three-tab asphalt shingles offer an affordable option. On the other hand, architectural or designer shingles can make your home stand out while offering more durability and protection.

2. Comes In Many Styles

Asphalt shingles come in many styles and colors, allowing you to use them to customize the appearance of your home and express your personality. Depending on your priorities, you may also want to choose colors and styles that fit your neighborhood to improve curb appeal and resale value. This aesthetic flexibility is a significant reason for the popularity of asphalt roofs in the US.

In addition to colors, asphalt shingles also come in different shapes. You can find rectangular, square, half-round, and more, allowing your home to stand out from the crowd and take on a more unique appearance. You can even find composite asphalt shingles designed to look like cedar shakes and other roofing materials!

3. Installs Easily

Asphalt shingles are relatively straightforward to install, and most roofers will have substantial experience installing, evaluating, and repairing asphalt roofs. Quick and easy installation means less downtime when you need a new roof and fewer installation issues if your home's roof has unusual shapes or challenging corners.

No single roofing system is best for every home and budget, but asphalt's many advantages have made it a popular choice with American homeowners. If you need a new roof on your home, it's a choice that's well worth considering.