Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Roofing Contractor Over A General Contractor

Posted on: 17 June 2022


When it's time to schedule a roof installation, repair, or replacement for your commercial building, you may wonder whether to hire a commercial roofing contractor or a general contractor. 

Typically, commercial roofing contractors deal exclusively in roofs and accompanying components, including gutters, chimneys, and fascia boards. On the other hand, general contractors handle all types of construction. In most cases, they will subcontract the labor to other people while they work on scheduling and managing timelines. 

Check out these three benefits of hiring a commercial roofing contractor instead of a general contractor.

Legitimate Certifications and Licensing

Hiring a commercial roofing contractor means you're getting the services of a professional with all the required qualifications, including training certificates and licenses. They will even show you proof of the qualifications if you want. 

While a general contractor may also have their qualifications, theirs may not be specific to industrial roofing. By hiring them, you likely aren't getting the most qualified person for the job. 

Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

Commercial roofing differs greatly from residential roofing, and only a competent roofer will know how to tackle problems that arise with each. With a commercial roofer, you're getting the services of a person who has spent many years handling commercial roofs. They can identify any issues on your roof and effectively fix them on the spot. Moreover, they are familiar with building codes, standards, and guidelines in your state, so you won't be getting into any trouble with the law. 

While a generator contractor may subcontract the work to a professional roofer, you aren't sure whether the person is skilled in residential or commercial roofs. If they happen to give the job to a person who isn't conversant with building codes, you could end up with a roof that violates the law. Upon inspection by authorities, you may even be forced to demolish the entire roof and start afresh. 

Extensive Warranties and Insurance

Commercial roofers work for reputable roofing companies that are certified by manufacturers. This means longer warranties for any products you buy through them. Due to their training and experience, they are also less prone to mistakes, allowing them to offer comprehensive insurance protection for any issues that may occur in the course of their work. 

Most general contractors don't offer manufacturer warranties or guarantee for their workmanship. If your roof develops more complications after repairs, you'll most likely incur additional costs for repairs. Protect your money and peace of mind by entrusting all your roofing needs to commercial roofing contractors.

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