5 Things Landlords Can Do To Protect Rental Unit Roofs

Posted on: 20 June 2022


Protecting your investment is just as important when it's a rental property as it is when it's your primary home. How can you take proactive steps to protect a rental's expensive roof? Here are a few important things any owner can do.

1. Have It Inspected Annually

An annual roof inspection allows you to keep an eye on its condition without waiting for leaks to show up inside the house. A roofing company will look for signs of deteriorating shingles and flashing, fixing these while the problems are small. Schedule your tax-deductible annual inspection either before or after the harsh weather of winter.

2. Discuss Holiday Decorations

Long-term renters are likely to want to hang up some decorations for various holidays. However, attaching lights and other decorations to the roof's eaves can damage the shingles, sheathing, or flashing. 

Talk with renters before the holiday season to agree on how exterior decorations will be handled. But don't be too quick to simply ban any roof-based decorations. Some landlords install pre-set hooks or clips for future light strings. Or hire a professional service to hang and remove the tenant's lights safely and properly. 

3. Check In With Tenants

Maintain an open and productive relationship with your tenants. They are your eyes and ears about the condition of the unit and potential sources of damage. This is especially important if you're a long-distance landlord. Check in with them, especially during periods of harsh weather and storms, and specifically ask about any concerns regarding the roof. Be quick to call for professionals if anything seems amiss. 

4. Have Snow Cleared

Snow can be a big problem for roofs. Periods of heavy, wet snow or prolonged snowfall may add so much weight that the roof's shingles and sheathing get damaged. If your rental is in an area with potentially significant snowfall, work with a professional roof repair company to safely clear it when necessary. 

5. Watch the Edges

Landlords can take some steps to keep an eye on the roof even without entering a tenant's home. One indicator anyone can observe is the health of the eaves. 

Look for indicators of damaging ice dams and excessive amounts of icicles. Ice backing up along the cool edges of the home can push water under shingles and cause breakage. And maintain the gutters in good condition to prevent more moisture and debris from working its way under shingles. 

Where to Learn More 

Want more tips to keep an eye on your rental unit's roof no matter who lives in it or how far away you live? Start by meeting with a  roofing company in your area, such as J. Cwanger Inc, today.