What Hail Damage On A Commercial Roof Looks Like

Posted on: 28 June 2022


Hail storms can be catastrophic, leaving roof damages worth thousands of dollars. Even so, hail damage is not always noticeable. For that reason, hiring a commercial roofer to inspect your roof after every storm is advisable. After assessing the rooftop, they will recommend the necessary repairs. Keep in mind that DIY roof repairs are extremely dangerous for someone without prior experience. Below are various ways hail can affect your commercial flat roof. 

A Blistered Membrane

There are various types of membranes for commercial flat roofs, but the three that are commonly used are PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), and TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin). A roof membrane enhances the roof's support and flexibility. However, during a hailstorm, these membranes can develop blisters, which are not easily noticeable. Blistered membranes can turn into holes, leading to water leakage during rainy or snowy weather. To address damaged membranes, call your expert roofer after every hailstorm.

High Wind Damage

One feature of hailstorms is high winds which can ruin a commercial flat roof in many ways. Usually, high winds affect the corners and perimeter edges of the rooftop. In most cases, you will notice lifted or peeled edges, loss or wrinkling of the previously mentioned membranes, or folded sections for metal roofing systems. Aside from these, anything installed on your roof might get blown off. Hire a commercial roofer to fix these damages for your peace of mind.

Interior Damage

While hail storms mainly affect the exterior components of the roof, some interior parts get damaged too. So during the inspection, your roofer will check the interior roofing structure on top of the exterior ones. Internal damage is usually signified by dents and dark stains on your ceiling, proving there is a leak. Sadly this could mean that your roof is due for some serious repairs. Therefore, the sooner you catch these issues, the less costly and uncomplicated the repairs will be. 

Ruined Insulation Board

Most hailstorms are evident from the roofing surface. However, the impact may also be apparent on the insulation board. As the name suggests, this component's function is to insulate your roof. With such a vital role, the insulation board requires frequent inspection, more so after inclement weather. 

There is no doubt that hail damage is frustrating and costly. Fixing these issues is also time-consuming. So if you do not want to fall victim to such commercial flat roof issues, hire a roofer such as Carolina Professional Roofing after hailstorms.