Why Are Shingles Coming Off Your Roof?

Posted on: 18 July 2022


A well-maintained roof can last for decades, but sometimes, the material does not stand a chance against harsh weather like strong winds. As a result, some of the shingles might come off, requiring you to call a roofer to fix the situation. However, the problem might recur if the damage has extended beyond the loose shingles to the whole roof. It is therefore important to find the root cause for the loose shingles for a permanent solution. Of course, you will need the expertise of a shingle repair company to figure it out. Below are a few reasons behind this occurrence. 

The Quality of the Shingles

When shopping for shingles, you must look beyond the costs and beauty. Quality, for instance, is a vital factor you must consider since it will determine how long your shingles last. In addition, the stronger they are, the more they can withstand the strong winds. Therefore, whether it is a new installation or replacement, ensure the roofing material is sturdy. 

Foot Traffic

You may need to walk on your roof for various reasons. For example, maybe it is Christmas, and you want to hang some lights. Alternatively, you may have noticed your roof is leaking, thus the need to find out the problematic area. Whatever the case, walking on your roof is not the best idea because you might damage the roofing material, leaving the shingles loose. Furthermore, doing so may lead to issues with your insurance. 

Shingles are Old

Shingles do age and become less effective. However, they can last longer depending on the level of maintenance and the weather conditions in your area. For instance, strong winds and too much sunlight can cause the shingles to wear down faster, causing them to loosen up and fall off. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a keen eye on any signs of shingle wear and have the damages addressed to avoid such damage. 

Nailing the Shingles Too High

The other reason behind shingles becoming loose and falling off is when they are incorrectly installed. When you do the installation yourself, without ample experience, you are bound to make such mistakes. Generally, manufacturers have specifics on where the nails should be fastened. Therefore, if you are not careful, you risk nailing the shingles too high, causing them to be less wind-resistant. 

Loose shingles are no doubt problematic as they could fall off any moment. To avoid this issue, ensure that your roof is inspected and that shingle repair is done on time in case of damages.

For more information, contact a roofing contractor in your area.