Reasons Spray Foams Make The Best Commercial Roofs

Posted on: 29 July 2022


There are lots of roofing options for flat commercial roofs. In this article, you will see the advantages of choosing spray foam, otherwise known as spray polyurethane or SPF roofing systems. But before that, would it not be great to understand what they are all about? 

Generally, a spray roof is in liquid foam and is usually sprayed onto the roof's surface, creating a water-tight barrier. After some time, it leaves a solid layer on your roof. Spray foam is a go-to solution for commercial roofing issues such as saggy parts and leaks. Having said that, here are the advantages of SPF applications. 

They Have Exceptional Flexibility

Spray polyurethane comes in various textures ranging from soft and semi-rigid to extremely rigid, sustainable options that can handle heavy weather and frequent foot traffic. Of course, your choice will depend on your budget and needs. But regardless of your choice, be sure your spray foam will offer additional support and strengthen your home's structural integrity. 

They Are Renewable

Spray foam roofing can last as long as your home does, but its longevity is often hindered by everyday exposure to harsh weather conditions. The good news is you can recoat the roof's surface when it loses its original luster. Through a roof inspection, your roofer will suggest the right time for another recoating, which depends on the thickness of the coating. 

The reapplied coating might be thinner than the first based on the wear and tear level. Fortunately, manufacturers will extend the warranty for each renewal. But it would also help if you invested in regular care so the coating can last longer. 

They Are Energy Efficient

Another incredible attribute about this roofing option is that it features closed cells, thus being able to insulate your business effectively. Proper insulation means that your heating and cooling costs will go down. And the fact that there are no fasteners during installation means better thermal exchange in and out of the building. 

They Do Not Require Lots of Repairs

If your spray foam roofing ever develops problems, you can call your roofer for a quick fix. The process is quite simple as it involves recoating it. Reduced repair work translates to fewer maintenance costs, and the warranty period will be extended. So, do not hesitate to look for repair services for whatever kind of damage, be it a puncture or deterioration due to too much sunlight exposure. 

A spray foam roofing is a worthwhile investment, as seen above. But you'll need to hire professional roof installation services to get the most out of your spray roof. For more information on commercial roofing, contact a professional near you.