Your Options For Metal Roof Restoration

Posted on: 12 August 2022


Replacing a roof entirely is a real annoyance, which is why hearing that you can reroof or restore your home's roof is often a relief. These processes are faster and less inconvenient than total replacement. For people whose homes have metal roofs, restoration can take a few forms, and which one you use often depends on the level of restoration needed and the type of metal roofing you have.

Silicone Coating

A popular choice for restoring metal roofs is adding a silicone coating that makes the roof much tougher in the face of environmental influences. And the material does have its advantages as it protects the metal from heat, water, and UV rays, all of which can wear down even a tough metal roof. But the silicone coating, which is often white, can show dirt very easily. On a wide expanse like a roof, that's not good if the pitch of the roof is steep enough to show the dirty silicone coating to whoever is passing by. Silicone coatings are good when the roof is in generally good shape physically but looking rather dull and dingy and getting battered by UV rays.

Adding Another Roof Layer

Metal roofs that are structurally sound but that have cosmetic issues going on, such as mild dents, surface rust (where the cause of the rust has been stopped), and so on, can have another layer of metal roofing placed on top. There are a few systems for doing this, and which one you use depends on the type of metal roofing you have. In these systems, the new layer may rest directly on top of the old metal or rest on supports so that there is space between the two metal layers.

Cleaning and Repainting

And finally, if the roof is merely dingy but not really suffering, you could try cleaning and repainting the roof. Look for a roof restoration company that can do soft washing; this is a form of pressure washing where the velocity of the water is not as strong so any paint or coatings on the roof won't be washed away. As for repainting, you'd need paint that was formulated for a metal roof, and you should not repaint it yourself. Get a roofing company that restores metal roofs because they will know which types of paint will be OK to use.

Metal roofs are supposed to last a very long time. Restoration should be the name of the game for years before replacement becomes a necessity.

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