What Are The Primary Advantages Of Copper Roofs?

Posted on: 22 August 2022


The use of copper as a roofing material can be traced back decades, if not centuries. Most of the buildings constructed using this material have withstood the test of time and are still intact today. In the modern era, copper is one of the preferable roofing options in residential buildings. This can be attributed to the many benefits you will enjoy installing a copper roof. These benefits include:

It Is Environmentally Friendly

This roofing material is widely used because it is ecological and energy efficient. It reflects heat instead of absorbing it, which plays a critical role in lowering cooling and heating expenses. Given that it can be reused, copper should be on top of your list of roofing materials if you want to reduce the environmental footprint.

It Is Light in Weight and Flexible

One of the key strengths of copper is that it is lightweight compared to other materials such as tiles and lead. This means you will not face a daunting task during transportation and installation. When you install this type of roof, it will not put too much stress on the structure. The flexibility of this material means that it can be installed even on roofs with irregular shapes. Therefore, the installation task will be finished on schedule and with little difficulty.

Elegance and Attractiveness

Most people prefer copper roof material because it is elegant and attractive. The material is available in varying finishes, such as pre-painted green. This means that it can fit on any building structure, modern or traditional. In addition, copper has a high sheen, meaning its appeal will improve with age. When you install this roof, your house will stand out from the other buildings in the surrounding and the resale value of the property will be higher.


This roof can last longer than asphalt and slate roofs. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for more than five decades. This roofing material is also immune to extreme weather elements such as hail and rainfall. It is impervious to temperature changes, which means it is not susceptible to deterioration. As such, you will not incur unnecessary maintenance costs when you install a copper roof.

Even though a copper roof is one of the most expensive options, the benefits of using this roofing material outweigh the costs. However, you can significantly reduce costs by comparing quotes from different vendors or even bargaining a discount with a residential roof replacement contractor. 

For more information about residential roof replacement, contact a local contractor.