What Components Make Up Your New Roof?

Posted on: 29 August 2022


If you need to install a new roof on your home, be aware that it is more than just shingles that need to be replaced. There are actually several components of your roof that make up the entire package. Here is a breakdown of what those components are.


The foundation of your roof is the decking. These are the sheets of wood that are attached directly to the rafters of your home, and they support all of the other roofing materials. Decking needs to be replaced if it is rotting, damaged, or in bad shape, because the only way to replace decking is to rip off an entire roof. 

Drip Edge

The drip edge is a material made out of metal, and it is attached to the lowest end of the roof along the gutters. The drip edge prevents the water from wrapping around the roof and getting underneath it, which can cause a lot of water damage. A new drip edge may need to be installed if the old one is in bad shape. 

Ice and Water Shield

There is a waterproof membrane that is installed on the roof decking in certain areas. It is common to install ice and water shield on roofs that have very low slopes, but it is also installed in the valleys where two slopes of the roof come together. This is because the water goes down this channel and the roof sees more wear and tear in this place as a result. Ice and water shield is sometimes put across the edges of a roof as well.

Starter Shingles

The first row of shingles installed is known as the starter shingles, and it is applied on the bottom slope of the roof. It gives the roof extra protection against wind, so that the wind doesn't get caught underneath the singles and rip them off. 

Roofing Material

The majority of the roofing material is installed across the surface of the decking. This is what you think of when having a new roof installed, and it makes up the majority of the cost and labor to install. All of the other components are necessary for a roof, no matter what kind of roofing material you pick.


There are multiple types of flashing that are made out of steel, copper, or aluminum metal material. It has the job of preventing water from getting underneath the roofing material, and it is placed around any object that penetrates out of your roof. You can expect to see counter flashing, apron flashing, and step flashing used in different situations. 

Reach out to a roofing contractor, such as W.D. Hutchinson Roofing LLC, for more information about all the additional components that make up your roof.