Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

Posted on: 27 September 2022


Keeping a roof over your head is more than a euphemism. You need a sturdy and secure roof to protect your home from the elements. Roofs, though, don't come with expiration dates. Read below for some signs that it's high time to call a professional roofer for help with your roof.

Missing Shingles

If the most recent storm left a few shingles on your lawn, don't panic. In many cases, this level of roof damage can be dealt with by attending to the damaged area only. Missing or damaged shingles can be replaced with new ones. If the remainder of the roof is still in good condition, a spot repair can save you some money.

If you have a metal roof with damage, however, expect to pay more if the roof is not under warranty. Many metal roofs come with very long and generous warranty periods, however.

When you don't replace the entire roof, be aware that matching up the new materials to the old roofing materials could be a challenge. You don't want the repaired areas to stand out from the rest of your roof because it's a different shade or dimension.

Partial Roof Replacement

It's also possible to have only certain areas of your roof replaced if the damage is more extensive in certain areas. In some cases, roofs that face a certain direction are prone to more aging, fading, weather, and more. It might be best to do half of a new roof rather than make spot repairs over large areas. That way the new roof is more likely to blend in with older areas on the other side.

Full Replacement is Necessary

Your roof has a lifespan depending on the materials and application. Time, weather, the sun, and other elements can age and damage a roof and the wood underneath it. If your roof is several years old, you could experience a leak inside your home, an animal taking up residence, or a catastrophic loss if you live in hurricane-prone areas.

In some cases, homeowners can only be covered by homeowners' insurance if they replace their roof. Insurers don't want to be responsible for the cost of replacing the contents of a home or the home itself in the event of a high wind event.

What to Consider When a New Roof is Needed

Roofs that have been in place for many years could have rotting wood underneath the shingles. This problem will be revealed when the roofer removes the old roofing materials. However, replacing the wood means your roof will be strong and resistant to weather, temperature extremes, and leaks.

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