3 Ways Your Commercial Roof Will Warn You When It Needs Maintenance

Posted on: 14 November 2022


Most commercial buildings experience massive foot traffic per day. So, if you own or manage one, you should ensure that you have the information and tools to maintain all aspects of the structure. This includes the roof, a crucial component of the building because it keeps rainwater and all other harsh weather elements away. As such, it needs excellent roof maintenance if you want long-term and reliable service. Here are four ways that your roof warns you when it needs attention. 

You Have Been Noticing Frequent Water Puddles

The presence of water puddles on the roof indicates the material has lost its ability to drain water as it did before. This mostly happens when something interferes with the structural integrity of the roof. For example, external forces could lead to the roof caving or forming depressions that hold rainwater. Given this, a commercial roofing expert should assess it to determine why it might have lost its flatness and ability to drain water. Once they fix the gradient problem, the roof should resume proper drainage, and you will no longer have to deal with pools and puddles. 

Your Roof Billows Often

Billowing is another sign that your commercial roof has weaknesses you need to handle. This is the wavy movement the roofing material makes, especially when it is windy. Such an occurrence shows that the roof is not well-attached to the material beneath it. In addition, a roof in this state can easily get blown off in a storm. Billowing could also mean the overall integrity of the roof structure is compromised, and it might start falling apart. Thus, a roofing contractor should assess the substrate and the adhesive material that joins the roofing material to the rest of the structure. Ultimately, the assessment will determine whether you should pay more attention to the surface material or include the interior components. 

The Material Is Shrinking

Shrinking is another telltale sign that all is not well with the roofing material. You should know that as the material ages, it will develop issues. Shrinkage is often a consequence of the freeze and thaw cycles your roof goes through. More so, note that a shrinking roof will take down the entire internal structure that supports your premises. The good news is maintenance checks can detect the shrinkage before it gets severe and find ways to resolve it. 

A professional can help determine the extent of the problems with your flat commercial roof. They can also recommend the ideal roof maintenance and servicing measures to restore the structure to its condition before the damage. For more information, contact a company like Even Construction.