Benefits Of Metal Roofing In Residential Applications

Posted on: 14 April 2023


You might only think about metal roofs as a commercial product, but metal roofing has wider applications. If you are in the market to update your roof, there are significant benefits to choosing metal. 


The major reason people choose a metal roof is because of its durability. This can be especially important in climates where the weather can be harsh. Tornadoes and hurricanes are among the most volatile weather events. Although no metal roof can be fully resistant to tornadoes or hurricanes, a metal roof will afford your family better protection than other options. Similarly, climates with significant snowfall should find that a metal roof helps the snow slide off to minimize the chance of heavy amounts of snow causing the roof to fail. Since metal roofs are more durable, they should last longer than other options. Metal roofing is a significant investment, but it should last for many decades to offset the initial investment.


Several problems can spell disaster for your roof. Water and pests are major problems. Vulnerabilities in your roof, such as loose shingles, seams between shingles, or small defects after severe weather creates an entry point for water and pests. Metal roofing provides a significant barrier to water and pests. Another benefit is fire resistance. In dry climates, there is a substantial risk of forest fires or fires that were started by a lightning strike. A fire-resistant roof is critical in these areas. Many houses catch fire not directly from the fire itself, but from the burning debris that can land on the roof. Similarly, if there is a house fire next to you, there is a risk of your home catching fire, especially if the homes are close together. Fortunately, a metal roof minimizes the chances of your home being destroyed.


Although metal may seem plain, there are options to both help you customize the look of your roof and choose a type of metal that works for your needs and budget. Aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc are the options you typically have for your roof. Both aluminum and steel are excellent options, especially for residents who want their roofs to stand out. These metal roofs can come in a wide variety of color options. People who are concerned about making the initial investment in a metal roof may find aluminum is more likely to fit their budget. Homeowners who enjoy the aesthetics that come with a patina on metal will find that copper and zinc are ideal options.

The use of metal roofs in residential applications has numerous advantages, mainly its durability and resistance to problems that can damage a roof. With some types of metal roofs available in an array of colors, you do not have to settle for a plain roof.

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